DRO Debt Solution

A Debt Relief Order (DRO) can help you write off debt which you are unable to pay in a reasonable amount of time if you have a low amount of debt and few assets.

What is a DRO?

A DRO could help you by suspending any payments and writing off the debts after 12 months. A DRO is a much cheaper option to bankruptcy and costs just £90.

A DRO is not available if you live in Scotland, A Minimal Assets Process is a similar solution.

 To be eligible for a DRO you need to meet the following criteria:


  • You need to reside in England. Wales or Northern Ireland, or have done business in one of these countries in the last three years
  • Your debts add up to less than £30,000 (£20,000 in Northern Ireland)
  • You’re not a homeowner
  • Your assets are worth less than £2,000 – though you can own a vehicle worth up to £2,000 (assets less than £1,000 and vehicle worth up to £1,000 in Northern Ireland)
  • You have less than £75 a month left over (£50 for Northern Ireland) after you’ve paid all of your living costs.

Benefits of a DRO

  • Debts included in the DRO will be written off within 12 months
  • No repayments will be made as long as your circumstances don’t change
  • Creditor contact will stop once the DRO is in place

Considerations of a DRO

  • Once your DRO is in place, you are bound by formal insolvency proceedings and your credit           rating will be affected 
  • Your details will be recorded on the Insolvency Register
  • If your circumstances change within the 12 months your DRO could be revoked