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Write Off Unaffordable Debts & Save £1000's With A Government Legislated Debt Relief Scheme*

If you’re struggling with debts over £​5,000, it can be hard to know where to turn. Fortunately you can start to become Debt Free with a Government Approved Scheme which is Free to Setup.

Safe, Secure, Confidential & Free To Setup

A small selection of debts you could write off

Here's an example of what we can do: 

We consolidate all the debts onto one smaller monthly payment which allows you to get back on track.

Example Debts



















Your Current Monthly Payment



Your New Monthly Payment Will be



% Of Debt Written Off


Benefits Of An IVA

Write Off Unaffordable Debts

Freeze all interest and charges

One affordable low monthly repayment

No upfront costs

Protect your assets

Stop lenders contacting you

IVA Qualifications

Debts you can't include
  • Child Maintenance
  • Child support deficit
  • Student loans
  • Magistrates' court fines
  • Secured loans
  • Mortgage arrears
  • Guarantor loans
  • You owe more than £5,000
  • Can afford £90 per month
  • Have two or more creditors
  • Are financially struggling

IVA is for residents in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Free debt counseling, debt adjusting and credit information services are available from the Money Advice Service.

Debt Solutions

  • IVA
  • PTD
  • DMP
  • DAS
  • DRO

IVA - Individual Voluntary Arrangement - Not Available In Scotland

What Is An IVA?

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (or ‘IVA’) is a legal agreement between a debtor and their creditors, suitable if you have a minimum of £6,000 of qualifying unsecured debt, owed to two or more creditors, and are struggling to keep up with debt payments. It enables you to prepare an offer (known as a ‘Proposal’) of what you can realistically afford to repay over an agreed period of time, typically five or six years. This offer needs to be agreed/approved by 75% of your creditors (by value) in order to be put in place.

On completion of an IVA, remaining balances on your included debts are written off.

Benefits Of An IVA

No upfront payment is required to access an IVA. A Nominee and Supervisory fee are both payable once the solution is active. These are taken from the monthly contributions you pay into the IVA.
Your property is protected on an IVA (as long as you keep up with the mortgage/any secured loan payments)
Your creditors will not be able to continue with, or start, any legal action against you relating to your debt once your IVA is approved. Apart from sending you regular statements, your creditors will not be able to call or send you any post regarding your debts.
When entering an IVA, a full review of your income and outgoings will be completed with you to work out how much you can actually afford to pay towards your debts each month, regardless of the amount you are currently paying. Once your IVA is approved, you will pay this single, affordable monthly payment to your IVA Company each month.
An IVA can be varied to meet your needs (subject to creditor agreement) should circumstances change.
In most cases, the term of an IVA is set at five years, however in some cases it can be extended to 6 years.

Considerations Of An IVA

An IVA will negatively affect your credit rating/score and you will have limited access to credit until your IVA has completed, which could mean that you pay higher rates of interest until your credit rating is restored.
Not all debts can be included in an IVA, for example student loans, child support and maintenance, magistrate court fines and social fund loans.

An IVA is a matter of public record – the public can access details of your IVA on the Insolvency Service website.
An IVA may impact your employment; we always recommend checking your employment contract. Until you have successfully completed your IVA, you may not be permitted to hold certain public offices or continue as the director of a limited company.

Homeowners will be expected to try and remortgage towards the end of their IVA and if affordable, release additional funds to be paid into the IVA. This remortgage may attract higher interest rates than your previous mortgage rate. If a remortgage isn’t possible, the term of your IVA may be extended by one year, during which you may be required to make additional payments.

If you fail to maintain your IVA repayments or obligations, your IVA could fail and your creditors may decide to order bankruptcy proceedings.

There are restrictions on the expenditure of those who enter into an IVA.

How The Process Works

Step #1 – You First Call/Contact Us

When you contact us for help, we go through your finances and assess your eligibility for an IVA. If you are eligible, we will request the necessary documents from you and refer you to a registered Insolvency Practitioner - these are specialists qualified to administer and manage IVAs.

Step #2 – Preparing Your IVA Proposal

Your IVA Proposal is drafted and prepared. This details the proposed reduced payments to your creditors. You will be given the opportunity to check your draft IVA Proposal and agree to its contents before it is submitted to your creditors.

Step #3 – Meeting With Creditors

This is the point where creditors look at your Proposal and decide whether they wish to agree to its terms, or not. Your creditors do not have to agree, however if the majority of your creditors (by value) do agree to the terms of your proposed IVA, the minority who declined your IVA will still be bound by its terms.

Step #4 – Your IVA Results

If your IVA is approved, your discussed IVA payments will begin. Your included creditors will no longer be able to chase you for debt payments and interest and charges on included debts will be frozen at this point. Should your IVA be unsuccessful, you will be contacted to discuss alternative debt solutions to help you manage your financial situation.

Call us today and we will provide you with confidential, friendly and non-judgemental debt advice that is tailored to you and your own individual circumstances.

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